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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Sea Moss last?

2-4 weeks MAX (Must be refrigerated at all times)

Is it safe for children to consume Irish Sea Moss?

Yes, the younger the better!

Does Irish Sea Moss aid in weight loss?

Yes, it will! Irish Sea Moss is a demulcent superfood and high fiber which will ultimately improve your bowel movements and sooth your digestive tract. Leading you to shed weight NATURALLY.

Does Irish Sea Moss Gel have a taste?

It really has no taste, if any a slight taste of lime juice. From soaking process.

How many times should I take Sea Moss daily?

2 tablespoons a day is recommended. Which can be taken at anytime.

How can I consume Irish Sea Moss?

You can incorporate it into your favorite smoothies, tea, food, and/or face mask.